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Moving & Packing Services We Provide

As an active owner, Christopher F. Daniels takes personal pride to ensure your moving needs are met for a fair and competitive price. Each moving experience comes with its own unique qualities, so Christopher gives each customer the opportunity to consult with him to exchange important information about the entire transportation process. He maintains close contact with other moving companies to keep on top of the local market, in order to promote the good reputation of the industry and best serve every customer.

Volume Leasing

Give us a call to discuss your large-scale moving and transportation services. Accedia Moving Services LLC will find the right way to get your shipments and packages where they need to be.

Storage and Warehousing

Find that you need extra storage space, or must find a warehouse to hold supplies for further distribution? Give Accedia Moving Services LLC a call to discuss how we can help find the right place for your volume storage needs.


A call to Accedia Moving Services LLC includes appropriate insurance coverage for your shipments, including loss prevention and recovery when items are lost or broken. You do not have to lose peace of mind when it comes to moving your precious cargo from one place to another. Our staff is trained to meet the rights of the consumer under FMCSA standards as a proper moving company.

Local and Long-Distance

Accedia Moving Services LLC maintains competitive prices with other carriers in the marketplace, and will go the extra mile to give you the best service for that price. We have the ability to travel near and far to move your shipment where it needs to be.


Accedia Moving Services LLC does provide a wrapping and packing service. Let our experienced movers handle all the details! We will take proper care of your goods and ensure their safe packing for whatever move you need to make.

24-Hour Service/Safety Service

For those really special moves, such as emergencies or where safety is a top priority, we do offer a 24-hour availability and interact with a variety of agencies in the area. We will work with law enforcement, attorneys, and other entities to ensure the safe and urgent transport of clients, as necessary.

Packed Boxes